Stryker's products include implants used in joint replacement and trauma surgeries; surgical equipment and surgical navigation systems; endoscopic and communications systems; patient handling and emergency medical equipment; neurosurgical, neurovascular and spinal devices; as well as other medical device products used in a variety of medical specialties. In the United States, most of Stryker's products are marketed directly to doctors, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Internationally, Stryker products are sold in over 100 countries through company-owned sales subsidiaries and branches as well as third-party dealers and distributors.


Covidien offers a range of products in this division – from advanced surgical technologies to general surgical products: Stapling,Vessel Sealing, Fixation, Mesh, Hardware, Interventional Lung, Gastrointestinal Solutions, Ablation, Surgical Instruments, Sutures, Electrosurgery. Products from this division cover a range disciplines: from ventilation and airway management to patient monitoring and homecare: Sensors, Monitors, Airway, Ventilation. Notable brands Surgical solutions:Tri staple, Clearify, Symbotex, Pillcam, LigaSure, superDimension, Barrx, Sonicision. Vascular therapies: Pipeline, Solitaire, Venefit, TurboHawk, Fortrex. Respiratory and monitoring solutions: Newport, Puritan Bennett, Vital Sync, Shiley, INVOS, BIS, Capnostream. Medical and dental supplies: Kendall, Kangaroo, Magellan, Curity.


ETHICON has been a world leader in suture technologies for more than 100 years. Their extensive portfolio includes well regarded brand names such as Coated VICRYL Plus Suture, MONOCRYL Plus Suture, PROLENE Suture and ETHIBOND EXCEL Suture. ETHICON is the market leader in hernia solutions. Ethicon continue to drive technological innovation in the field of hernia repair with products such as PROCEED Tissue Separating Mesh or their unique macroporous partially absorbable meshes & devices. As experts in wound closure technology, ETHICON has led the way in developing state of the art topical skin adhesives for use in the Operating Room with DERMABOND Adhesive family of products. Ethicon have recently launched PRINEO Skin Closure System - latest innovation in skin closure. 

Cook Medical

The first products of Cook Incorporated included catheters, needles, and wire guides.Today, the company manufactures over 16,000 products across 13 hospital service lines, and serves 135 countries.


CareFusion is a subsidiary of Becton Dickinson specializing in two areas: reducing medication errors and prevention of health care-associated infections.

Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical Inc. is an American corporation that manufactures robotic surgical systems, most notably the da Vinci Surgical System. The da Vinci Surgical System allows surgery to be performed using robotic manipulators. The system is controlled by a surgeon from a console. It is commonly used for prostatectomies and increasingly for cardiac valve repair and gynecologic surgical procedures.

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